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We finally made the move!  We've outgrown Storenvy, and it was getting a little uncomfortable, so Chel finally hunkered down for a week and here we are!  We have  tons of new features, so let's take a closer look at what we have other than a pretty new site:

Rewards Program

Yes, you can now earn points for your purchases!  You have to make an account, but we've messed with it, and it looks so nice.

Gift Cards

Not the most exciting of announcements, but bear with us.  You can now give your friends the gift of Holy Snails skincare!  These are digital cards, and start at $10.

More Ways to Get Help

Not that it's been hard to get ahold of us before, but we now have several new ways for you to get your questions answered.  First off is our fancy Help Center, where we have answers to our commonly asked questions.  We also have the blue Help button on the left side of the page if you would like to open a new ticket.  There is also a Live Chat feature that will be available on the right side of the page whenever Chel or Hubby Snails is on the shop, so we can answer your questions right there!  (By the way, it's just the two of us.  Team Holy Snails.)


Did we ever tell anyone about the time we forgot we had a shop Instagram and didn't log in for two weeks?  Yeah, we're not in the market of spamming people.  Feel free to sign up for the Newsletter (it's at the bottom of the screen on the left side) to get information on when Snail Mail signups open, new products get released, or some exclusive coupon codes!  We only send out when we have something worth saying.

Anyway, let us know what you think of the new site!  Isn't it pretty?

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Karen Hemeon
Karen Hemeon

June 22, 2016

I’m in. Fallen down your rabbit hole totally. Learned SO MUCH from you, Fiddy, and Snow, that i have to order the sample sizes. I’m primarily a PC person, and Cat taught me I’m actually aging/oily/dehydrated. Plan to add kb/ab, primarily as boosters. (Already have >15 PC prods in reg routine,and need a planning calendar to track.) my main concern is allergy vs. sensitivity to a shitton of ingredients. Noticed that old shark sauce was aloe based. Presume that you list ingredients totally, and aloe is not in your SS 2.0? Nothing like developing a s/c addiction at a very advanced age, but I spent 40 years trying ineffective HE formulas of BHA (allergy to benzoyl)..;.when the bozos did not understand pH dependency/efficacy. That alone changed my life. So, now, it’s off to the races. Don’t know the old shop, but the new one is crave-worthy.

Michy Loo
Michy Loo

June 14, 2016

So excited for your new shop. Looks beautiful!

Kelli G
Kelli G

June 06, 2016

This looks awesome! I love the layout and the rewards program is very welcome. This site looks great on mobile as well, perfect for when I am ordering my next Shark Sauce from my vanity table. :)

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