July 01, 2016

Best news first: we got new bottles for Shooting Stars (Perseids sample bottles) and El Doraditos (El Dorado sample bottles)!  These have much better and easier to handle caps.  Just a warning though, they're also a larger size than the older bottles, and so your bottle will look like it's filled a little over halfway.  However, it will have 5 ml+ in every bottle.

We now offer Priority mail worldwide!  We of course still have First Class International, but for those who don't want to wait the 2-6 weeks for their precious Shark Sauce, you can now get it in 6-10 days with Priority International.


We have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks, as we've been featured in Racked, Hello Giggles, Dr. Oz, El Pais, and a bunch of other places recently!  It still doesn't feel quite real.  Thank you so much to everyone for being so patient while we worked night and day to fill orders, and we are finally out of backorder and back to our usual restocking schedule again.  

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