About us


Chel is a skincare blogger over at Holy Snails and has a passion for DIYing and coming up with things. (Read:  She's a nerd.)  She has a background in Chemistry and Biology, and after she discovered Kbeauty, it was just a matter of time before she tried to tinker with it.  Chel hangs with her Snailbaes over at the Snailcast Kbeauty podcast, where they talk about all things Kbeauty.  She makes all of the products for the shop, and is constantly writing new recipes, which is why we made the Snail Mail program so she could get feedback to better develop and refine the products.


We are proud to say we are now a mom and pop shop!  Hubby Snails has joined the team as the overworked and underpaid intern.  He likes woodworking and metalworking, and he's got his own 4(ish) step routine too!  He handles all the shipping for the biz and some of the customer support.

We started out as a little Facebook group running on Google Forms.  The batches would sell out within 30 seconds and it was a mad frenzy.  To make the process more streamlined and easier for people to use, we eventually opened the shop on a small platform.  New product releases would actually  crash the shop, so...here we are!

Want to know more about us?  We are all over social media, so please check us out (and follow!) on our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter.  You can also shoot us an email with any questions or feedback.